Cosmic Fonzer

ec custom neo-classic

The Cosmic Fonzer is a versatile step up shape that has been tested from draining Newport to Ocean Beach, SF and all the way to the North Shore. The wide point forward plan shape allows for more foam under your chest making this board a great paddler which helps fighting current and enduring long paddles. The pulled in tail helps to stick critical drops, turn on a dime, and is at home in the tube.  Paired with a five fin fonzer set up and bottom contours, the drive and acceleration in bottom turns and cutbacks are face melting.  All of these characteristics make this a go to travel board as it can handle a variety of conditions with confidence. Ayyyy

  • Bottom contour: Fonzer recipe
  • Size range: 5’8”-7’2”
  • Fin setup: Five Fin = Fonzer = Ayyy

ec custom fonzer

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