ec Tres

ec custom shortboard

A proven travel board and go-to whip when the waves get a little bigger, hollower and more powerful. From Fiji, Teahupoo, Indo, Mex, heavy local beach break or wherever you’re spending time in good surf that doesn’t require a gun but is a little too heavy for your regular shorty. Ideal for head high to double overhead conditions. The narrower round tail will impress with how capable it is when it’s throbbing yet not too narrow so that it remains very easy to immediately adapt to if you’re coming off your regular shorty and the conditions beckon for the EC TRES. Set it up 2-5″ bigger than your shortboard standard.

  • Bottom contour: Secret recipe
  • Size range: 5’8”-6’8”
  • Fin setup: Thruster, Quad or both w/ five box fin system and go thruster or quad

ec custom tres

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