Daddy O

ec custom longboard

A sleek, pulled in outline for the surf enthusiast looking for performance in good surf without a rockered out profile. The round pintail adds flow to turns and holds well in bigger surf while the narrower nose with slight concave noserides best in the pocket. Spiral vee in the tail keeps this board quick and responsive. This board works great in small surf, but excels in chest high surf and works well even when the waves are overhead. An ideal choice for someone looking for a jack-of-all trades type of surf-craft. The Daddy O. features a modern down rail with edge in the tail.

  • Bottom contour: Low concave entry, flatish mid section, spiral vee-tri hull off the back
  • Size range: 8’0″-10’0”
  • Fin setup: Single(recommended), 2+1, fonzer

ec custom daddy-o

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