Fantom of the Agua

ec custom neo-classic

Evil Twin+Frodo=Fantom of the Agua. This is a personal favorite of mine. The front 3/4 utilizes the same outline as my Evil Twin, yet I’ve pulled in the width of the swallow tail via a couple of wavy wings (akin to my Frodo model) making the swallow tip width a little narrower than the Evil Twin but wider than the Frodo. This board is huge on speed and paddlebility, yet still quite versatile and progressive compared to other full figured fish concepts. The slightly pulled in swallow sharpens the radius of bottom and top turns while the quad fin set-up allows for a more modern approach (more release,slide, airs, etc) to your shred factor yet still maintaining the ability to draw some of the longest lines that a classic fish outline does best with all the extra speed you’ll have to burn.

  • Bottom contour: Secret recipe, concave deck optional
  • Size range: 5’0”-6’4”
  • Fin setup: Quad or twin

ec custom fantom of the agua

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