ec custom longboard

Glide-O-Rama. That is the short and to the point explanation of the Glide-O-Rama.

The Glide-O-Rama features a lengthy, pulled-in plan shape paired with foiled down rails and a single fin. Even at 10’+ in length, don’t be fooled, this isn’t a fat man’s equalizer. This is a honed blade that goes like a hot knife through butter.

These elements combine to create a silky smooth ocean slipping experience complete with understated turns, effortless glide, and a heightened sense of trim. This board excels in ankle to head high rolling surf such as Cardiff or Old Man’s.

  • Bottom contour: Secret recipe
  • Size range: 8’6”-11’0”
  • Fin setup: Single

ec custom Glide-O-Rama

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