Mod Sled 2

ec custom longboard

The Mod Sled 2 is one of my most well rounded Logs for those that don’t want a hard edged longboard and want to keep the traditional approach alive and well without sacrificing the ability to throw a whip turn or react quickly to the wave. The Mod Sled 2 has a 1″ wider tail than the original Mod Sled to enhance your small wave experience, yet it’s not too wide to limit it’s all around versatility despite having a very classic profile. It works excellent in a little faster beach break or waves where your heavy noserider just feels unwieldy. Modern bottom contours with a classic outline, round, diamond, or square tail all compliment this shape nicely. Your go to board for when you feel like Logging but don’t want to limit yourself if the waves start offering up a little more to work with than noseride walls. A George Greenough 4A template or a Heritage fin works best with this one.

  • Bottom contour: Low concave entry and rocker, flat roll mid, optimized vee through the tail
  • Size range: 8’6”-9’8”
  • Fin setup: Single

ec custom mod sled 2

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