ec custom neo-classic

A slight twist to a fish. Very versatile shred sled that should be ridden 4-6″ shorter than a contemporary shortboard or same length as a traditional fish. This board catches waves as easy as boards that are a foot longer yet screams through sections with it’s unique vee-concave-spiral vee tri-hull bottom contours. Experience extra sensitivity and control without sacrificing float with a unique defined concave deck. This board surfs wicked smooth, sharp, loose and fast yet can draw the longest of lines in grovely or well overhead conditions. ec does it!

  • Bottom contour: Vee entry, single concave front foot, spiral vee tri hull out the back
  • Size range: 5’0”-6’6”
  • Fin setup: Thruster, quad, or both with 5 box system

ec custom ecdoesit

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