ec custom neo-classic

The inspiration of Wayne Lynch style discs is still alive and well with the Freeride short and mid lengths. This is one of those boards that leaves it up to the rider. You are free to surf this shape any which way you please and decide its limits on your own. From ankle high to well overhead this board is incredibly versatile and really likes to be put on rail. Low Rocker keeps you moving quick even on gutless days, but is blended nicely to let you carve to burn speed off on the bigger days. S turns on large walls at Sano, highline trimming at Malibu, or threading through punchy Huntington beach break this board appeals to those that want a classic mid length experience but also want optimum performance from their board. Whether there’s not quite enough push or size for a shortboard, or it’s not quite right for a log, the freeride makes a confident choice in a vast amount of conditions. This board is easy to surf, fun, fast, loose and sensitive with a foiled out tail.

  • Bottom contour: Vee entry to flat mid-section to dialed like an operator heap o vee off the tail
  • Size range: 5’0”-8’2”
  • Fin setup: Single, 2+1, thruster or quad. But go single.

ec custom freeride

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